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Our story

Talk20 Hutch is a testament to the power of connection. 

It was born in July 2013 when Kari Mailloux and Patsy Terrell met for the first time at Metropolitan Coffee after multiple people had said they should meet. Kari, having just moved back to her hometown of Hutchinson, told Patsy about her involvement in a Talk20 in South Carolina (Talk20 Spartanburg) and said she'd like to do it here. Patsy loved the concept and knew the Hutchinson Public Library would be the perfect spot. She asked Library director Gregg Wamsley to meet with them, and he said an immediate, "Yes!" 

The first Talk20 Hutch was held on January 24, 2013 in the upstairs auditorium of the Library, and it overflowed into the hall and onto the floor, with nearly 150 people in attendance. It moved to the main floor of the Library for the second and each subsequent event, with the Library staff getting continually more creative about how to fit in more chairs. Attendance has more than once surpassed 400. 

Thank you to Greg Holmes for recording and editing videos of all of the presentations through the 7th edition, and thank you to Lucas Singleton for capturing the 8th edition and beyond. 

Thank you to Jim Seitnater of Downtown Hutchinson providing gift certificates for to give away at each event.

Thank you to the dozen or so who have attended every single Talk20 Hutch. 

People often ask who's putting Talk20 on, and the truth is that it's Kari and, until her sudden passing in June 2017, Patsy who are organizing the night and Gregg and the Library staff who are making it possible for it to happen. Talk20 has no budget--it's the lamp from Gregg's desk at home that illuminates the podium and Kari's laptop that's running the presentations. This is a labor of love. The Library is making it all possible, from the chair you're sitting in to the screen you're watching. It couldn't happen without that support. 

Talk20 is an example of what can be done when ideas and people connect. But it has to start somewhere. If Kari and Patsy hadn't both been open to meeting someone new at the suggestion of a mutual friend, this wouldn't have come to be. And if they hadn't taken action beyond that, it would have just been a nice chat over coffee. You have ideas and people that need connection, too. They're waiting for you to build those bridges.